Savvy Veg Advice for Vegetarian Children, Parents

Parents worry about nutrition, protein, food allergies, daily diet plans

Most parents want their children to have a healthy diet. That goes double for vegetarian parents and vegetarian children.

Parents worry about proper nutrition for their children, and getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals.

Add food allergies into the mix, and you have some very anxious parents.

Like most children, vegetarian children have their own agenda. For the most part, they grow up just fine, in spite of not having eaten just the right thing all the time. But their parents still end up with grey hair!

Having raised three children, I understand what it's like to worry about your child's health and nutrition.

The vegetarian children advice letters cover a range of subjects from food allergies in children, daily vitamin supplements and daily diet plans to vegetarian nutrition and even halloween alternatives! Whether you are a vegetarian parent of a vegetarian child or a child that wants to become vegetarian, there is advice for you.

Savvy Vegetarian gets a lot of advice letters! I read them all, and answer as many as I can. But still it often takes me a while to respond.

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You can learn a lot by reading the advice letters below. Or download any of the Free Reports. Or cruise the articles or resources. If you don't find what you need, please write. Or post a question on the Savvy Veg Facebook Page.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

Advice For Vegetarian Parents and Children

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