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Mediterranean Rice Salad Mediterranean Rice Salad

Rice is a basic staple food all over the world. Brown rice is especially good for vegetarians, because it's so nutritious, and digests slowly.

Rice goes with just about any other food, and is gluten free.

We'll show you how to cook both brown & white rice - it's easy, just like cooking quinoa.

Rice and Diabetics: Because of its high glycemic load, white rice might not be the best, but small portions of brown rice might be OK.

Check out our grain recipes for other whole grains with lower GI.

Another trick is to eat smaller quantities of whole grains, along with beans and veggies.

Tasty Rice Recipes

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Rice Cooking Tips:

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Because it includes the germ of the rice kernel, with it's volatile essential oils, brown rice should be stored in the fridge or freezer so it doesn't go rancid.

Brown rice can be used in place of white rice, but it has a much longer cooking time.

We've tried various ways to get around this - pressure cooking, par-boiling, soaking, crockpot cooking.

Nothing works nearly as well as just rinsing the brown rice, then putting it on the stove and cooking it - for 45 minutes!

The good news is that brown rice can be cooked ahead and stored refrigerated in quantity, re-heats very nicely, and can be used cooked in any recipe.

Undercooking brown rice by using less water and cooking it for 30 minutes is a good way to ensure that your cooked brown rice doesn't get mushy in whatever you're adding it to. This trick worked well in Cuban Black Beans & Rice

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