What's a Savvy Vegetarian?

Judith Kingsbury

A Savvy Vegetarian is - well - savvy! - about veg diet, healthy eating, green living...

Savvy Vegetarians aren't born full grown, but gently evolve into a vegetarian or vegan state of mind and body, gradually becoming aware of how everything works together for a successful veg diet.

Going Veg Is Easy: Sure, it involves changes to every aspect of your life, new knowledge about vegetarian or vegan diet and nutrition, and new ways of doing basic things - like cooking and eating.

To go veg you just need flexibility, persistence, and a sense of humor. Piece of cake!

There's lots of vegetarian and vegan info available now, unlike when I went veg back at the dawn of time. So much so that it's often hard to find what you need, be sure that it's relevant and accurate, and then keep it all straight.

Savvy Vegetarian does the research, organizes and puts the info you need within easy reach. This lets you be a well informed vegetarian or vegan, without spending all your spare time surfing the net, or hanging out at bookstores. Of course, if you want to do that, let us know when you find something good!

Savvy Vegetarian is Green and Sustainable

Along with a plant based diet, Savvy Veg favors: Healthy eating, green living, organic non-gmo food, and sustainable everything. We believe these activities are essential and inseparably linked to the survival of Planet Earth, and maybe even the human species.

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We Like to Take It Easy: Savvy Vegetarian supports everybody from long time vegetarians and vegans, to those who are just thinking about a vegetarian diet.

We believe that everyone has a unique path to follow, and we recommend becoming vegetarian gradually and easily. There's no point in going vegetarian, only to lose your health and sanity - not to mention your friends and family!

Strange, But True! We don't care whether or not you're fully vegetarian or vegan, or what kind of veg diet you adopt, or even whether you become vegetarian or vegan. That's your business, and nobody else's. Savvy Vegetarian is just there to help when you need it.

Our Approach To Vegetarian Diet: Generally, but not strictly, Ayurvedic. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old natural preventative health system from India. It's time-tested and broad-based, with great depth and flexibility.

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We know what we need to know about nutrition, although we're far from experts. We rely on our knowldege & experience as vegetarians and vegans, and common sense above all, but we refer to reputable vegetarian or vegan dietitians and other health professionals as needed.

We Don't Try Too Hard to Please: Savvy Vegetarian is open-minded, non-sectarian, and as far as possible, apolitical. Not very possible these days. Poke Savvy Vegetarian, and the bleeding heart liberal tree hugger comes roaring out!

We don't embrace vegetarianism or veganism as a religion, or a cause, but we do believe that our actions affect everything else in the universe, as in "The World is My Family".

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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